The key to style your home..


With festivals done for the year, I am enjoying this pleasant November morning with a nip in the air indicating me that I should be ready to welcome the winters. Though, in my part of the world, the winters are not harsh and cold but it does allow me to enjoy the warmth of light shawls and joy of holding a hot cup of coffee to keep the chill off. Also, the coming months would definitely see a change in the way our homes look for a lot of warm colours adorn the space along with cosy beds and sofas to enjoy those winter conversations. I remember how winters were a great way to roll down more carpets and namdas in our home back in my childhood.

Flower power


Today my point of emphasis is how to style your homes the way you wish to. Often, we get into comparison modes but no two homes are ever the same. We all have different perceptions and a unique way to put things together. A very basic fact has to be understood in totality that our past associations and love of different art forms plays an important role in deciding what goes in our homes. This compels me to appreciate design ideas coming from all sort of backgrounds.


Home decorating should be like a blissful time, a time that is enjoyed to its fullest while transforming the concrete walls into a peaceful abode. This activity could be repeated whenever one desires to as home decoration never has a full stop.


To be inspired by someone else’s design perceptions or to follow someone whom you admire is of no harm. But the interest develops when we bring our own design to work and make them more active. I personally believe that this helps in final results being more genuine and close to personalities.img_20161015_114708.jpg

Mostly, all the design ideas have been applied earlier and the present is a simple derivative of the past. This often becomes a point where it’s a quick decision to either follow the trail in the same and exact manner or to take the next step towards a path incorporating new ideas. I would surely recommend the latter as copying ideas is a sheer waste of your own potential.

Digital moodboard or simple pin-up boards are your easy rescue to start with. Do have your ideas placed together so you can decide on further steps to be taken. Let it be a simple juxtaposition of your favourite pictures of nature or the beautiful architecture you came across. Simple things around you can lead to inspiration ranging from deciding on your colour palette to a certain curve on the furniture piece…This step helps to pull together a room of your liking and for that matter outdoor spaces are of equal significance.




One thing that I wanted to share with my readers is to understand the importance of developing your own style. Never let self-potential to be ignored and go for a waste. Style!..It’s applicable in all the areas of our lives and its relevance in the spaces that we occupy can surely be not ignored…

#finditstyleit. A Hashtag I love for social media posts… :). Develop your own style..


Much love and Happy decorating…. :))


Let’s make home design simple….3


It’s nearly five months since I last penned down my thoughts on keeping home decor simple and today I add a dash of purity to it. I have inherited my decor sensibilities from my mother who is essentially an artist and excels in all the mediums and fields she picked up by her choice. Her constant endeavour to involve me to do little floral arrangements, making sure that the house looked welcoming at all times and not only when guests arrived, instilled a sense of adding personal touch with minimalism at best. One thing that I have carried from my yesteryear experiences is the knack for delicacy and beauty.





















Decorating home should involve a lot of fun and one of the mantras that I follow is to keep it simple and pure. Fewer the elements easier to work.  Collectibles often get lost in the crowd that we generally tend to create. Well-kept spaces with thoughtful placements often help to avoid the above. Carefully curated pieces lead to effortless grace seen in a room.

Image credit : Country Living Magazine

To achieve the same, one can concentrate on few major accessories being displayed as a single collection. It will be nice to avoid sharp contrasts in the elements involved at the same time not ignoring the finish and colour of your woodwork.

Ornamental carving adds up to the design quotient but one can avoid such details if a minimalist look is the target. Also, furniture with straight lines bring in flexibility and help in playing with other accessories.




















Simplicity doesn’t mean that we ignore the details. That’s the charm of such layouts. A great deal of effort is concealed behind them. Similar fabrics and textures bring in continuity helping a great deal in arranging. Re-position the furniture, use pieces that are compatible to each other and don’t follow a certain price tag. Decor could be an effort to showcase a smooth blend of styles accommodating different price tags…  :)) Let the home speak about you.

Much love and happy decorating… :))


Old things and charm..

I just happened to see a notification from WordPress congratulating me of my 3 years completion on this platform and I must say that like other social mediums this one has been a pleasure. It led me to discover another side of mine and the best part being able to express freely without really expecting any kind of returns. I have tried to write on topics of design and travel and few life inspired experiences and hope to see more of myself here on Pinklotusblooms … :))

Today while browsing gallery of my phone, I came across few pictures taken very randomly from places that are equally random. A delight to see them over and again as if they have concealed a certain story behind the mask of prettiness and play of colours.


This mud house spotted at an elevation was a must capture as a lady was busy inspecting bunches of grass hung to dry and cattle moving around, this moment reminded me of the basic instinct of survival that we humans carry since ages. Nothing fancy nor any thing glamorous but basics. In fact , basic living is my theme for coming year…say years :))


Display at its best. Inspires me to develop an affinity towards adding more flavour to my life through meeting variety of people…it sounds good too.


Even if temporary, bridges tend to fill gaps and staircases lead to heaven…


What emotions do to us at different times of a day or maybe over a couple of days is summed up well in this one picture…


Riot of colours..


Old things and old charm…


No flavours without spices…no life without experiences and believe me I do come across people who have a bland perception of life. There exist a series of spices other than my favorite and I better remember that..


Wooden boxes can have an essay written by me for the kind of character they add up to my house and to my personality. Boxed and stacked but I would prefer them to store loads of love and compassion within them.

That’s it for my third anniversary post. Feels good to look back and feels even better towards my future at WordPress.

Much love and light… 🙂

Encounters from the Hills…3

It’s a pleasure to hit the highway for anyone who’s looking forward to travel…travel to meet friends, a pilgrimage or to places which finally get marked on our travel maps. Like many others from my generation, I have been road travelling since my childhood and being on roads is like home to me. What truly excite me is seeing a throw of humanity covering miles and miles fulfilling their passion or work or whatever suits them on these widely constructed highways and roads. But, that’s not always the case.. right?? It’s fun to be on less travelled and broken roads. Ahead of  ‘Gool’, we touched this place called ‘Ghoda-Galli’ or in simple words ‘Horse’s Lane’.


The history goes back to the times of Mahabharata. The stone sculptures are believed to be sculpted by the Pandavas themselves. As soon as we got out of our vehicle, the excitement quotient varied for us. I was happy for the reason of coming across a piece of history through sculptures and I hope it was similar for my family as doing a round of historic or places of heritage are not enjoyed if forced. Though, thankfully they support such trails too as I support their other adventures ;)).



Morning sun was pretty harsh so getting down the staircase was a task but down there it was like a mini paradise with filtered sunlight and flowers blooming in pockets of their interest, sharing space with history.


Bountiful nature at it’s best, Ghoda- Gali is a historic wonder situated in village Gool  200 km from Jammu.


Literally a gold mine of stone sculptures , the engravings on these huge block of stones show the knack for details from those times.  Even after many centuries, the work remains clear-cut facing all kinds of weather conditions.

Modern Doodle


Water outlets carved in stone.

Beautiful water outlets carved in stone remains my favorite from Ghoda-Galli. A place of major source for drinking water, now only a few wells remain active.


A local told us that the stone carvings in villages close by are found to be parallel to this place. Rajput clans hold annual function of worshipping their deity in a very ancient and traditional manner. This place though occupied only by stone horses, reflected many ages of history.


The filtered sunlight was perfect for my unfiltered pictures, a short stop in the middle of the journey, this place offered a massive window to history clubbed with beautiful scenic view. Absolutely mesmerizing for a history freak.



The nature never ignores to preserve man-made history. Hope in coming years, the pristine beauty is enjoyed on a larger scale. We could see a massive project of road development so I am sure people visiting such untouched places would have a smooth drive laced with beautiful carpeted hills, natural lawns and blooming flowers.

There…I found myself in the frame :))

Road trips are pleasurable and more because of the time they provide to bond. Hope my readers take a road trip soon and relish it as much as I do….

Much Love.. 🙂


Delightful Encounters from the Hills..2

Travelling becomes more pleasurable if it offers scenic beauty to look around and hills seldom fail to disappoint me. As mentioned in my previous blog post that folks belonging to hilly terrains or those who have spent their childhood in same (count me in for the latter) resonate with the feeling described above. Though, I have yet to visit the Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand, my recent visit to a place called Gool was no less than that of a paradise.


The best part was to use my phone camera without bothering about the light conditions and the pictures shared here are absolutely filter free.



Pomegranate Flower
Opposites always attract…Complimentary

What we generally find a rarity in plains, hills are natural homes to these pleasant-looking flowers. Complete mountain slopes were covered with flora as if painted in hues of pinks or purples. I prefered enjoying the view over clicking the pictures as every turn presented a surprise leaving us in awe but one thing that really left me happy was spotting big bushes of even bigger roses in front of small mud houses. The basics of improving aesthetical value of the outdoors and I am sure this simple habit of preserving the nature won’t be a difficult task for the people to pass on to their coming generations. Hope we can inculcate this habit of appreciating nature in our kids as well to let them have beautiful encounters in future..

Hope the pictures were enjoyed as it’s an effort to share and preserve the memories…

Much Love.. :))






Delightful Encounters from the Hills…1

My growing up was mostly in the hills and those who are from similar terrain can resonate well that the memories and the moments spent there is nothing less than that of ones straight out of fairy tales. Recently, I got a chance to visit places ahead of  Jammu and the changing landscapes left me breathless, often reminding me of my yesteryear. But, I must confess that after every turn the scenic beauty gave me an untainted and a wonderfully fresh surprise.


White log

We must have taken some 2-3 hours extra to cover the journey as it was simply not possible to resist stopping at such beautiful spots and absorb the moment.

Crystal Clear
Window panes


Bright Life
Pir Panjaal

After spending some 6 hours on broken roads and crossing number of mountains , we reached this beautiful top which was nothing less than a beautiful dream. As I am writing this, I can feel the chill air that we felt at that point of time. Me and my daughter were pretty excited as it was after a long time that we headed to the mountains.

The road ahead

Though the roads are not to be blamed as this kind of tough terrain needs constant maintenance, I must say that the view throughout the journey was splendid giving us an insight towards the local rural life in the Hills.

Walnuts into making.

This is the only picture I have from one of the most memorable moments of my trip. A place called Gool at a height of  662 MASL. The evening gave us breathtaking  view as the partially snow-capped mountains changed colours from light blush to ice-cold white, gradually hiding themselves behind the clouds. It surely turned cold giving us slight shivers.

Lady and her house

This was one of the most fun glimpses while travelling as I had to adjust the car on the roadside in such a way so I could capture this trio of young girls and their mother giving a mud wash to their home. The buffalo hides the little girl with whom I exchanged few smiles but this picture was all about the basics of our lives that counts family, love and home and not to forget the cattle… :))

I had to pen down my thoughts to preserve them despite the pictures being taken from a humble phone camera. Though, I missed carrying the camera but I am glad as I got my sweet time to absorb the pristine mountains. See you soon as I’ll get back with captures of beautiful and bright flora that I got to see up in the mountains.

Much Love..