Old things and charm..

I just happened to see a notification from WordPress congratulating me of my 3 years completion on this platform and I must say that like other social mediums this one has been a pleasure. It led me to discover another side of mine and the best part being able to express freely without really expecting any kind of returns. I have tried to write on topics of design and travel and few life inspired experiences and hope to see more of myself here on Pinklotusblooms … :))

Today while browsing gallery of my phone, I came across few pictures taken very randomly from places that are equally random. A delight to see them over and again as if they have concealed a certain story behind the mask of prettiness and play of colours.


This mud house spotted at an elevation was a must capture as a lady was busy inspecting bunches of grass hung to dry and cattle moving around, this moment reminded me of the basic instinct of survival that we humans carry since ages. Nothing fancy nor any thing glamorous but basics. In fact , basic living is my theme for coming year…say years :))


Display at its best. Inspires me to develop an affinity towards adding more flavour to my life through meeting variety of people…it sounds good too.


Even if temporary, bridges tend to fill gaps and staircases lead to heaven…


What emotions do to us at different times of a day or maybe over a couple of days is summed up well in this one picture…


Riot of colours..


Old things and old charm…


No flavours without spices…no life without experiences and believe me I do come across people who have a bland perception of life. There exist a series of spices other than my favorite and I better remember that..


Wooden boxes can have an essay written by me for the kind of character they add up to my house and to my personality. Boxed and stacked but I would prefer them to store loads of love and compassion within them.

That’s it for my third anniversary post. Feels good to look back and feels even better towards my future at WordPress.

Much love and light… 🙂

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