Encounters from the Hills…3

It’s a pleasure to hit the highway for anyone who’s looking forward to travel…travel to meet friends, a pilgrimage or to places which finally get marked on our travel maps. Like many others from my generation, I have been road travelling since my childhood and being on roads is like home to me. What truly excite me is seeing a throw of humanity covering miles and miles fulfilling their passion or work or whatever suits them on these widely constructed highways and roads. But, that’s not always the case.. right?? It’s fun to be on less travelled and broken roads. Ahead of  ‘Gool’, we touched this place called ‘Ghoda-Galli’ or in simple words ‘Horse’s Lane’.


The history goes back to the times of Mahabharata. The stone sculptures are believed to be sculpted by the Pandavas themselves. As soon as we got out of our vehicle, the excitement quotient varied for us. I was happy for the reason of coming across a piece of history through sculptures and I hope it was similar for my family as doing a round of historic or places of heritage are not enjoyed if forced. Though, thankfully they support such trails too as I support their other adventures ;)).



Morning sun was pretty harsh so getting down the staircase was a task but down there it was like a mini paradise with filtered sunlight and flowers blooming in pockets of their interest, sharing space with history.


Bountiful nature at it’s best, Ghoda- Gali is a historic wonder situated in village Gool  200 km from Jammu.


Literally a gold mine of stone sculptures , the engravings on these huge block of stones show the knack for details from those times.  Even after many centuries, the work remains clear-cut facing all kinds of weather conditions.

Modern Doodle


Water outlets carved in stone.

Beautiful water outlets carved in stone remains my favorite from Ghoda-Galli. A place of major source for drinking water, now only a few wells remain active.


A local told us that the stone carvings in villages close by are found to be parallel to this place. Rajput clans hold annual function of worshipping their deity in a very ancient and traditional manner. This place though occupied only by stone horses, reflected many ages of history.


The filtered sunlight was perfect for my unfiltered pictures, a short stop in the middle of the journey, this place offered a massive window to history clubbed with beautiful scenic view. Absolutely mesmerizing for a history freak.



The nature never ignores to preserve man-made history. Hope in coming years, the pristine beauty is enjoyed on a larger scale. We could see a massive project of road development so I am sure people visiting such untouched places would have a smooth drive laced with beautiful carpeted hills, natural lawns and blooming flowers.

There…I found myself in the frame :))

Road trips are pleasurable and more because of the time they provide to bond. Hope my readers take a road trip soon and relish it as much as I do….

Much Love.. 🙂



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I am Rohini and having trained as an interior stylist, I have been working in this field for a couple of years. I personally advocate an eclectic style for my home which maintains the flavour of being evergreen, nonetheless I am open to all the styles on board along with the creative beauties that I get to see. Travelling is a part and parcel of my life since childhood and I am glad as it helps me to discover new places, sometimes in a remote corner with hidden artists and some exquisite craftsmanship which I not only try to imbibe in my designs but also try to bring the artist in focus. Design and creativity gives me a sense of constant evolution. Penning my thoughts on travel, life, art, interior design and good workmanship, as and when they appear on my canvas. The Pink Lotus is a blog where I write about home styling, travel encounters and life memories or experiences...Welcome aboard!

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