Delightful Encounters from the Hills..2

Travelling becomes more pleasurable if it offers scenic beauty to look around and hills seldom fail to disappoint me. As mentioned in my previous blog post that folks belonging to hilly terrains or those who have spent their childhood in same (count me in for the latter) resonate with the feeling described above. Though, I have yet to visit the Valley of Flowers National Park in Uttarakhand, my recent visit to a place called Gool was no less than that of a paradise.


The best part was to use my phone camera without bothering about the light conditions and the pictures shared here are absolutely filter free.



Pomegranate Flower
Opposites always attract…Complimentary

What we generally find a rarity in plains, hills are natural homes to these pleasant-looking flowers. Complete mountain slopes were covered with flora as if painted in hues of pinks or purples. I prefered enjoying the view over clicking the pictures as every turn presented a surprise leaving us in awe but one thing that really left me happy was spotting big bushes of even bigger roses in front of small mud houses. The basics of improving aesthetical value of the outdoors and I am sure this simple habit of preserving the nature won’t be a difficult task for the people to pass on to their coming generations. Hope we can inculcate this habit of appreciating nature in our kids as well to let them have beautiful encounters in future..

Hope the pictures were enjoyed as it’s an effort to share and preserve the memories…

Much Love.. :))






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