Delightful Encounters from the Hills…1

My growing up was mostly in the hills and those who are from similar terrain can resonate well that the memories and the moments spent there is nothing less than that of ones straight out of fairy tales. Recently, I got a chance to visit places ahead of  Jammu and the changing landscapes left me breathless, often reminding me of my yesteryear. But, I must confess that after every turn the scenic beauty gave me an untainted and a wonderfully fresh surprise.


White log

We must have taken some 2-3 hours extra to cover the journey as it was simply not possible to resist stopping at such beautiful spots and absorb the moment.

Crystal Clear
Window panes


Bright Life
Pir Panjaal

After spending some 6 hours on broken roads and crossing number of mountains , we reached this beautiful top which was nothing less than a beautiful dream. As I am writing this, I can feel the chill air that we felt at that point of time. Me and my daughter were pretty excited as it was after a long time that we headed to the mountains.

The road ahead

Though the roads are not to be blamed as this kind of tough terrain needs constant maintenance, I must say that the view throughout the journey was splendid giving us an insight towards the local rural life in the Hills.

Walnuts into making.

This is the only picture I have from one of the most memorable moments of my trip. A place called Gool at a height of  662 MASL. The evening gave us breathtaking  view as the partially snow-capped mountains changed colours from light blush to ice-cold white, gradually hiding themselves behind the clouds. It surely turned cold giving us slight shivers.

Lady and her house

This was one of the most fun glimpses while travelling as I had to adjust the car on the roadside in such a way so I could capture this trio of young girls and their mother giving a mud wash to their home. The buffalo hides the little girl with whom I exchanged few smiles but this picture was all about the basics of our lives that counts family, love and home and not to forget the cattle… :))

I had to pen down my thoughts to preserve them despite the pictures being taken from a humble phone camera. Though, I missed carrying the camera but I am glad as I got my sweet time to absorb the pristine mountains. See you soon as I’ll get back with captures of beautiful and bright flora that I got to see up in the mountains.

Much Love..



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