Let’s make home design simple…2

The other day, I met this friend of mine who is a banker and her work and travel keeps her ultra-busy. Despite her commitments, I must admit that her home looks fabulous and has a strong reflection of her personality which she says has evolved over the years and so has her home. But that day the topic of discussion was redecoration or renovation. I was happy to see my friend being very open to the same idea as most of the times we resist going for a makeover, be it small or a big one. So, today I would like to talk about the necessity of change in the decor of our homes that we reside in for years or homes that we change and move in.

Given a thought, sometimes what looks good in our previous house may not really suit the new place. The size of the homes, the climatic conditions or the architectural elements may appear to be exactly the opposite of your collection of house decor materials.. But I suppose that this makes it the first point for undertaking a redecoration or repurpose the space.

All of us have different phases of life. First we have small babies at home, who turn into toddlers and then into their teens and further more. Don’t you think this seeks your attention to change from your child-proof fabrics to sophisticated ones that are equally stylish and graceful. I find it to be a justified reason to take up the job of redecorating a home.. :))

Well, just like our wardrobes require our attention and a change, similarly our furnishings  and fabrics need to be refashioned.The styles become dated, colours fade, fabrics become thread-like or they simply look worn out and old. Understanding the requirement, we will only do good to our spaces by replacing worn out stuff with new and sturdy ones.

If you think you relate to any of the above points, do consider to transform your home. Expenditures can be planned well in advance so they are not a hindrance in the process. As I suggest, question yourself as much as you can about what is the goal and the purpose of your house and you won’t be surprised to find the answers easily by yourself.

I will soon cover more on simple home designs..

Much love and happy decorating.. :))

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