Let’s make home design simple….2

A very warm welcome to all the readers as spring is knocking on our doors. For many, the season must have arrived for others, just round the corner. Spring is all about colours and for home decorators they can prove to be one of the deciding factors in creating the atmosphere and achieving the actual shape of the finished room.

If spring could be stopped from coming!

There are few rules that are applied while planning the colour scheme and should be chosen in such a manner that the colours look good in the morning as in the evening light. For that, readers can follow the concept of a colour wheel helping in opportunities to create powerful statements. Yes! colours are that powerful.. 🙂

To have the right composition of colours do not ignore the usage of right lighting. Also, colours in their original form are very striking and brilliant. Go for tints and tones to add more character and atmosphere to a room.

 Light/pale colours recede therefore, pastel hue will help in making a room appear larger. A dark coloured room may look cosy given the room is big enough to handle the impact of dark tones.

Walls are not the only part of a room to splash colours on. You can play well with draperies, furniture or accessories. introduce colours gradually and make simple ones appear dramatic by your sheer placements.

One simple question to yourself before decorating or redecorating your room is ‘Why’ do you want to do it. The answer will help you to decide the series of your action.

Starting a new project is interesting and should be taken in full spirit but there is a possibility of reaching a point where redecorating becomes necessary. Will try to cover the topic of the importance of undertaking a change of decor in my next post.


My source of colours are usually through plants and sizeable arrangement of flowers..and here’s to a beautiful creation which I spotted as part of a wedding decoration. Don’t over burden the space with colours nor shy away from using them for your lovely home.

Much love and happy decorating.. :))


Published by

The Pink Lotus

I am Rohini and having trained as an interior stylist, I have been working in this field for a couple of years. I personally advocate an eclectic style for my home which maintains the flavour of being evergreen, nonetheless I am open to all the styles on board along with the creative beauties that I get to see. Travelling is a part and parcel of my life since childhood and I am glad as it helps me to discover new places, sometimes in a remote corner with hidden artists and some exquisite craftsmanship which I not only try to imbibe in my designs but also try to bring the artist in focus. Design and creativity gives me a sense of constant evolution. Penning my thoughts on travel, life, art, interior design and good workmanship, as and when they appear on my canvas. The Pink Lotus is a blog where I write about home styling, travel encounters and life memories or experiences...Welcome aboard!

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