Let’s make home design simple..1

Trying to compile a series on how to keep home design simple and easy.. Many would agree with me that design is more of a concept and ideation rather than just a technical application of elements. Hope it works well and be of some help to people trying their hand on design.

When it comes to turning a house into a home, for some reason I prefer to say, ‘ Dress up your home’ instead of ‘Decorate your home’. Fair enough till the outcome is compatible to our tastes of dressing or decorating  the same. At the end the purpose of our homes should be able to provide us few hours of relaxation along with pleasurable moments.


One way to help ourselves with the home designs is to put a genuine effort in understanding our preferences for the final look.  Gather knowledge on the variety of themes available and choose from the likes of traditional, contemporary, eclectic or an oriental one to name a few… You’ll find that half of the work is done by following a simple step as above. Everything falls into place making design a child’s play.


Early steps would involve concentrating on general layout and planning each room separately. Set free your imagination and opt for the choices available as still at this stage we are working on a plain sheet of paper.

Next step would be to give these paper images a more concrete form. Add drama with clever coordination and easy arrangements of whatever you have made yourself available with. Ample space for movement and good gap between furniture pieces is key to a comfortable and pleasing design concepts.


The whole idea is to use imagination at the same time understanding the simple techniques followed by professional design industry.

More to be covered in following posts..Much Love and Happy decorating.. :))








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