Trends for 2017

How do you think you want to welcome 2017 in terms of house decor?? Anything specific that you look forward to… Some of us are on a spree to change constantly and some stick to their timeless beauties. I suppose both the approaches work very well. I myself am a blend of both and love to tweak here and there when required. It only brings in some freshness to our mundane lifestyle. Predictions of trends are not strict rules but can be adopted as fair guidelines.

1.If you like earthy tones then show your love for terracotta. My personal favourite,  use them in the form of accessories or decorate the floors. The brownish-red colour brings in so much of character and  warmth to the whole set up and proves to be a safe option.


       2.Striking Metallic or Jewel tones carry on from this year to the next. I have developed some affinity towards them as they help me to create that instant drama. Though a contrast to the earthy tones but I don’t mind using them in  decor for the fact that they act like a stardust in a plain atmosphere. Few impressions here and there are enough to set the tone.


        3. Skip the matching game. It doesn’t mean you cannot follow themes, just have to play more with elements and bring in variety in terms of colours and textures. The trick here is to maintain compatibility of various elements.

This year is yet to get over and the next one still to start. Predictions sounds good but I want to add newer ideas to the long existing list as and when it appears  on my canvas.

Homes are easy to do…Let your passion drive the decorator in you.. :))






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