An expression of excitement..festivals.

I was having a chat with one of my old friend and she happily told how she is going to decorate her new home this Diwali. A very different idea she has this year and I am waiting eagerly for a picture from her.  That’s the time I realised that all of us have one particular favourite way of decor and so I thought of asking my friends to share one of their style which they tend to follow. My idea was to not make it specific to a particular occasion but highlight their happiness and  memories..Since Diwali is around, the ideas relate to it well… 



‘I love the tinkling of wind chimes in the breeze from the open window, and the sunlight falling upon the mud urn with floating flowers. The water fountain gurgles..a Diwali full of peace and joy! ‘ ~~ 

Dr. Aneeta is based in Singapore and has special affection for indoor plants.

Lakshmi Satish

‘Fairy lights illuminating the rays of hope again and again’. ~~

 Monica is a young Bangalore based Architect and I feel very close to how she mentions about hope.


Lakshmi Satish

‘Diwali for me, definitely is the traditional earthen diyas  filling up my mother’s balcony every year and opening the sweet boxes given by friends and relatives’.

~~ Lakshmi Satish is a Pune based  entrepreneur who is passionate about good living on easy budgets.


‘Fairy light remains  a favourite and I love decorating the dining table as the center piece of the home’. 

~~ Ar. Anabelle Viegas has done her masters from London and presently runs a workshop in Bangalore that offers people to design and execute.

Lakshmi Satish

My favourite way of decor is countryside. A little bit of vintage and using more natural materials like barn wood, stones and chandeliers. Its my way vintage and natural materials escape the city life and display the collection that I proudly own.It gives me a good scope to maximise.

~~ Gunjan is an interior designer based in Gurugram and I truly like the way she assembles the whole idea of her vintage decor.

Dagduseth, Pune.

Decoration is a way to express our happiness, to bring back the memories and to share some time and stories with the loved ones. Use the time of festivals to express that excitement.


Happy festivals, happy decorating.. :))

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