Try some metals and neutral palate for the festive season…

Design and decoration, both go so much hand in hand. I love bright colours as well as neutral palates and now that autumn/winter is here, I thought of compiling few design ideas which would help to uplift the moods and set a tone for coming festive season. Re-positioning and bringing in new elements which can easily blend with the existing ones is the mantra that I usually follow. Lately, Metallic finishes have drawn my attention and I remain fascinated by how they can change the ambience by adding even a small dash within a  space.

The jewel tones do the magic.
The colours are rich and still have those subtle tones that adds to the calming effect. Embroidery resonates well with the upcoming festive season.
Candle sticks or pillars are always easy to add and fill up nooks and corners along with centre table decor. Try arranging them in specific or random manner to keep up the rhythm.
If I have guests coming with a very short notice, simple flower arrangements is what I keep handy. Lavish ones are definitely a yes! for festivals or big gatherings.
Crockery is a wonderful addition to the decor and can do wonders to a food presentation.
Easy to pick up, crockery can bring a sense of freshness and can be used on repeated basis. A win-win buy.
Curios in pure silver or metallic  finish adds to ornate decor.
Ornate and stylised frames are simple but elegant picks.
Can we ever deny delicate porcelain..
Since, festivals are so closely associated with lights, add few lamps with interesting base or replace the shades of existing ones.
Bright and happy, the colours are the life of festive season and enliven dull winters.
Charming to both a man and a woman, mirrors are the ultimate accessory. Frames could be either bold or simple slim ones, yet they add so much to a decor.
A beautiful combination of mirrors and placement of the lamps in this above picture. I may suggest to add a dash of colour through flowers or candles and that’s about it.

Different festivals are celebrated all around the world at different times of the year. My purpose was to come up with ideas that appeal to the sensibilities of people and the celebratory mood rather than approaching design with respect to a  specific region or a festival. Decor should enhance a design and remain an essential part of the space. Be it a new buy or recycling some old piece, put a joyous state of mind while using it and you will always end up having a good mood around.

Happy festivals, happy decorating.. :))

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