Be yourself or be positive..or be yourself..

Do we allow ourselves to be ourselves or are we always being what is expected out of us..Me thinking over a plate of sandwich which I made especially to enjoy the monsoon grays. Seasonal transformation of mood was being tackled as  I made myself comfortable in my balcony overlooking tall palm trees which looked fresh from recent rains. But I do remember  them  quietly standing in summer heat absorbing the Sun and being themselves …dry and dull. Thus came this conflicting thought of being yourself or being positive or being yourself….There’s always a demand of being positive in today’s environment. Every other person talks about being positive which undoubtedly is a good gesture. But off late, I have seen people crumbling under this pressure, a societal demand forced on them. Life is made out of all good things, beautiful opportunities to grab and live in the moment. But then comes circumstances, tragedies, health issues or calamities. Situations beyond our control…No, I am not being a sadist here but personally I feel that we should approve ourselves to panic at times or feel the sadness of that moment.


We are humans and to deal with our emotions shouldn’t be taken as a step back. Bereavement comes naturally and over a period of time we do get over it. I suppose this is where feeling positive can make a come back… Those little bouts of being clueless about one’s mood is an interesting way to know oneself and roll back to that fast-moving track of life. Any moment that puts us in a spin is a superb way to analyse and think in a new improved version and put things or thoughts in the right place. Life never stops…. Allow ‘yourself’ to be ‘yourself’ and you’ll end up being positive.

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1 thought on “Be yourself or be positive..or be yourself..

  1. Thought provoking indeed. I do agree we need to take regular pause to care for own self and orient towards own purpose of life besides enjoying the short life fully..


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