Let your home smile this monsoon…

What more beautiful than to sit on the bay window with your cuppa of tea looking out at drizzling rain…rhythm of the falling rain. Months of monsoons are most welcomed by all or not so welcomed by few, this is the time of the year that our homes need all the attention it wants to keep itself cozy.




Need I mention the colors of monsoon.. all tints and tones of greys are on display on the outside. It becomes all the more important to take care of the inside of our homes in terms of colors as they directly influence our moods. The color palette in your home could bring in a lot of difference beating the monsoon greys outside. Few ways to have it is through simple fresh flower arrangements, introducing colorful accessories or probably just re-positioning the already existing ones. Colorful pillows or runners may do the magic.


I remember a friend of mine who turned an old big brass planter into a basket which could hold the umbrellas. Placing them right at the entrance will definitely help you. Along with that don’t forget to place your over sized foot mats outside the door to prevent if at all any dirt to come inside :))    

(Image found on Gardenista)

  Your floor covers and rugs can always take some rest from the usual traffic and be turned over for a while at this time of the year.If you still want to use some, locally made Kalamkari dhurries are one of my favorite as they look beautiful, merges with all kind of decor and easy to fold and unfold when required.


I don’t mind switching on lamps at the day time in monsoons, especially if it’s dark and pouring outside. It adds to that dramatic effect much required then. Enjoy a minimalistic decor and have a good flow of air with cross ventilation. Don’t forget to check on your framed paintings or the oil painted ones. If you spot any black powdery dust, do check up again as it might be a fungal growth due to moisture. Take immediate steps to get rid of it. Interiors and it’s accessories ask for much more attention in monsoon season. Dress up the interiors  and be ready for beautiful rains as they are certainly to be enjoyed and feel refreshed.

Much love and Happy Decorating..  :))



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