From the South of India..Tanjore Paintings




Goddess Saraswati

Hand picked from the artist’s workshop

Tanjhavur which otherwise was known as Tanjore had always been on my travelling list and this October(2015) I finally paid a visit to this historic city.It is a city of Chola temples which showcases the Dravidian architecture at its epitome and now covered under Unesco World Heritage Monuments. Apart from it’s monuments (which I will cover in an upcoming blog), this place also is known for the origins of Tanjore Paintings which has a peculiar style of art  using the bright yellow favored metal of the Indians..Gold..


 An artist’s workshop at Tanjore

Finding their origin at the time when the Marathas ruled this empire (1676 – 1855), they can be recognized by the use of rich and vivid colors mainly depicting Hindu Gods and Goddesses or episodes from Hindu religious texts.What makes them stand apart is the usage of delicate Gold foil and precious or semi-precious stones.



The base is a wooden plank  and in the past artists used natural colours like vegetable and mineral dyes, whereas the present day artists use chemical paints. The  figures in the paintings looks typical with  the  rounded faces and almond-shaped eyes . Generally, the figures are  placed within curtains or decorative borders.




To my satisfaction, I was happy to pick up this beautiful art for my collection  as for me every piece carries a slice of  history and influence of various cultures along with it. A must for the art connoisseur from around the world.



Radha -Krishna

Hand picked from the artist’s workshop

Happy Decorating and A Happy New Year.. :))




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