Bring in some greens..

Every time I look at the greens after a fresh wash from rains there is a sense of happiness and joy that remains unmatched for me. Mostly, all of us harbor love for plants and bringing them inside is a welcome concept. Indoor plants are natural enhancers as they not only add greens to soothe the eyes but also bring in life and certain zeal with them. Scientifically, they are programmed to detoxify the air and work as a purifier too.  So let’s have a glimpse at few of the indoor plants that can surely help to calm our nerves.. 🙂

1.Bamboo Palms: Very commonly seen in our living rooms or halls. They surely add texture to the background and work well while handling the toxins mainly emitted from the  furniture around.

2.Rubber Plant: Again a very good handler with toxins like Formaldehyde emitted from the furniture surface. They are good tall companions adding height to the room along with sturdiness.

3.Peace Lily: One of my favorite, they are such darlings to fit in any corner of the room.Very easy to maintain as the plant doesn’t ask for much of sunlight and water, the flowers are the most beautiful feature it showcases.

4.Aloe Vera: Effortless to maintain and grow, a silent air purifier, it is known to have healing properties on its leaves. I like it for the spiky texture that it adds to the spaces along with little height.

5.Ferns: Many varieties available and easy to spot around, an easy and very green indoor plant. You have Foot Fern that seems to be slow growth fern to Lemon Button ones. The latter has soft rounded edges and a lovely look to it but ferns overall are a good choice and bring in vibrancy with it.

Bring in some greens, detoxify the spaces and Happy decorating  :))

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  1. Hi, I write about traveling, can we do follow for follow? 🙂 Also, I have my room full of plants, too, mostly of cactuses.

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