Prag Mahal..where the workers were paid in Gold..

A visit to the magnificent Prag Mahal…I wanted to share my experience long time back but accidentally lost all the pictures that I had captured. It left me disappointed but few days back, I was able to find some of them that were clicked by my 10-year-old daughter,  who often experiments with the SLR. Today, as I share it here on this platform, I truly thank her for her endeavors… :)) 

The pictures do not justify the beauty of the place but I will still go ahead and share my experience of this architectural marvel.

Named after Rao Pragmalji, Prag Mahal  was designed by Colonel Henry Wilkins. It possess elements from Italian Gothic style and many Italian artisans were involved in its construction. The palace was completed in 1879 and is made of Italian marble and sandstone from  Rajasthan .IMG_2752.

The Clock Tower which sweeps upwards with height brings in lot of grandeur with it. Tall buildings are another Gothic feature to be seen in Prag Mahal.(10:35 am)

Gothic architecture has a special characteristic to it. It helps to bring in light  and fresh air making buildings appear much more beautiful and this place displays it in abundance.

IMG_2784                       IMG_2785           

There are many adaptations of Corinthian columns which generally have elaborate heads or capital of  intricate work and the ones I got to see here left me speechless with every column having a different and beautiful work on it. No doubt that the workers were paid in gold coins.. :))


Some exquisite stained glass work to be seen at the entrance and inside the palace.


Filtered light has so much magic to it and how beautiful the reflections and shadows must have appeared while sunlight filled the rooms through these colored glasses.

IMG_2773 IMG_2758



What I could see inside, a plethora of objects were on display..and this fellow shows one of the styles to tie pagri/ turban which symbolizes honor and respect in the regions where they are worn in India. Gujarat has the legacy of one of the most colorful pagris adorned by men along with the neighbouring state of Rajasthan.


An old vessel used for cooking for large number of people and why not! if it rests inside a Palace.. 🙂

Another architectural element that left me in awe were these medallions made out of plaster of paris placed on the ceiling. How lovely the ceilings appear with this fine craftsmanship.


I personally advocate pleasant color combinations and these truly impressed me and would certainly delight any visitor as they are placed on the ceiling right above the staircase leading to the entrance.



As we exit the premises, we see ruins of old palace towards the right of Prag Mahal and I must confess that it looked equally resplendent and well-formed in its traditional architectural make especially the jharokas.


One of the most prominent examples of Italian Gothic architecture among Indian abodes of erstwhile Kings and Queens, Prag Mahal is definitely an architectural wonder and it was a pleasure to visit it.


Saying Goodbye and also apologising as I lost some very fine captures and I am sure I fail to justify the beauty which this place has to offer.(11:35 am).

Happy travelling and of course Happy decorating.. :))


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