Rendezvous with Lotus….

Let your heart bloom with love like the lotus, away from the mud of anxiety, fear and hatred.


Lotus must have been the first flower that I learnt to draw and till today in many schools it remains the favorite with the drawing teachers to teach the little toddlers. Those  curvilinear lines are easy with toddlers and its a complete picture with the leaves resting at the bottom, much to the satisfaction of tiny hands.. :))


Incidentally, while growing up I completely missed upon this mystical creation as the places I lodged with my parents gave me an opportunity to come across all other common and exotic flowers other than the lotus. But I guess, as I started embarking road journeys on undiscovered paths, these magical flowers started appearing on my canvas much more frequently maintaining their randomness. Out of many, I remember one which while crossing one of the sanctuaries in Northeast states of India, a small pocket appeared where both the sides of road were laced with lotus in full bloom…innumerable ponds with countless pink lotuses. After a kilometer or so we realized it was a wrong route taken and we had to return back for the right turn but till the time we stayed in that area , it became our most sought out getaways on weekends.



Lotus has been in existence since time immemorial .


In many religions as a divine symbol or as a plant with medicinal properties, some regions also use it as an ingredient in their cuisine. It’s a delight to see motifs inspired by this flower carved out on stone monuments or as any other architectural element in India and across the civilizations of ancient world.


As the Lotus rises in its stalk unsoiled by the mud and water so the wise one speaks of peace and is unstained by the opinions of the world ~~ Buddha


If you can..bring the mystical lotus in your home and Happy decorating!!

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