Flower power..

Every flower is a soul blossoming in the nature.. ~~ Gerard De Nerval


Moving across the hustle bustle of a metro city, an invitation to the flower show is a oppurtunity not to be missed upon. Flowers have a heartwarming effect whether in wild nature, well manicured gardens or even the casual or lavish arrangements, they always succeed in bringing on that cheer to an otherwise routine life. Always by my side in pot arrangements or fresh clicks from the nature, they make up as fine stress busters.


My first visit to a flower show was an exclusive Orchid flower show in early nineties in the beautiful city of Gangtok, where I happened to spend some four years of my childhood. I was exposed to the beautiful world of flowers and greens at their best. What more beautiful than to wake up to gardens full of seasonal flowers and yes.. not to forget ..carry a freshly plucked flower from the garden to the school for the lovely teachers..  :))


Poetry and flowers exist together. a flower show in town was a right call to spend a pleasant Sunday family afternoon.and  Some amazing work was on display and my cameras were in a spin not to miss the beauty around.


Earth laughs in flowers.. ~~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


When not on your chopping boards….I make a colorful Jumbo :))

At the end I could only think of the honest effort put up by the Nursery men’s association for a splendid display, which I am sure must have bought smiles to so many faces, young or old both alike.Some of my Sundays are spent in the nursery and small interactions are always a win-win situation as they share some short anecdotes and easy tips for gardening at home.


So bring in some flower power and greens and Happy Decorating   :))

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