How about a pleasantly laid dining table cover..

Dining tables have always been one of the most talked about tables in our homes and also one of the privileged ones where we like to sit after meals and have long discussions, light or heavy, composed of chuckles and giggles. As much as the host or the person cooking food puts an effort to prepare the dishes, one is equally interested in the layout of the table, the crockery & the cutlery to be used , small accessories etc. But I am particularly fond of dining covers as an accessory as I feel, it leads to a pleasantly laid table. 


(Image of dining table placed inside Mandvi palace, Gujarat.)

A well placed and coordinated dining cover brightens the sight of the room.The choice of dishes to serve and glassware are of importance, whether it has to be high end china or country pottery, it depends on the food you want to serve.

Make table linen a significant part of your purchase. Choose table cloths according to the size of your room. Big rooms can accommodate large patterns whereas small rooms can go for light and airy patterns.

(Image found on

Tints and shades of white, ivory, beige and pastels are for formal setups. One can match the color of napkins to achieve a sense of rhythm and continuity. For informal setups, there is a whole range of deep and bright shades of colors. Coordinating them with the kind of weaves will help you to set up the exact mood. Smooth weaves favour formal settings and coarse weaves match with the informal ones.

Try lacy table cloths to add a touch of delicacy and turn the atmosphere romantic.

(image found on

A solid table cover or one with light patterns work well for daily use. You can choose colors that are attractive and complimentary to the background wall.

(Image found on

How busy is the wall i.e; the wall art,  next to which the table is placed, can be a deciding factor while making a purchase of cover as it can avoid clash between the paintings hung on the wall and the designs and patterns on the table cloth.

The length of the table overhang can be played upon, keeping it in balance with the size of the table. The drop can be maintained somewhere between 10-15 inches.

Single tablecloth can lead to some noise while the table is in use. To insulate against noise, a protective pad is laid under the tablecloth; this liner is known as a silence cloth. One can always use a thin and a plain cloth (so that the prints are not seen from under the top cover) of the table size to be used as silence cloth.

Slip covers for the dining chairs are optional. Matching them with the dining cover for formal look and contrast for informal setting is an option one can make depending on personal choice.


(Image: pinterest)

Napkins are a necessity and folding them is an art that makes the table look impressive but  intricate folds can sometimes be skipped as simpler pleats mean less styling and handling leading to more cleanliness.. :))


(This dining table is placed in Mandvi palace ,Gujarat, India.)

A well set table explains the passion of the host towards the people dining on the table, daily family dinners or gala guest ones… table resonates the positive vibes.

Happy dining and happy decorating.



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