Relationships through the eyes of windows..

Freedom is the open window through which pours the sunlight of the human spirit and human dignity.

Herbert Hoover


An important and a versatile architectural element, windows are such a perfect way for that instant admittance to the outside world. Completely at one’s own disposal to access it as well as the way one wants to have a glimpse outside. Probably indulge in long stares at those swinging trees in the morning breeze, which is my favorite or try to trace the melodious birds.. :))


It was one of the afternoons that I was enjoying the way light was playing with my newly changed curtains…and was constantly observing how the filtered light was shaping my day and that’s when this thought strike my mind…filtered light results in beautiful patterns but what about filtered relationships…


Ain’t it that over a period of time, relationships start becoming filtered. Somewhere we start spreading a screen or a mesh pattern keeping lot of it to ourselves and letting out only little, that would impress others or make them happy.

Very few or maybe one or maybe none..but if you are gifted with even one soul with whom you don’t need that filter, cherish it..I wish that we all have such Wow!! moments.

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