Why people change??

Why people change??

This is an antidote of a simple conversation I had with myself while driving which is my favourite stress buster and what more than on highway in monsoons.

It’s something that has troubled all of us and at every turn of our lives.We are some wonderful souls, at least I believe so :)) and so we deserve to meet some wonderful ones through our journey. We all come across people who rightly strike the chords and it becomes as a fairy tale kind of a journey until one day or may be after several days we start finding that the person has changed. First the conversation is withon our minds and the pity is earned by our beautiful hearts. Then the same is shared with our spouses, girlfriends or boyfriends. Yes, we start becoming a victim of our expectations and sympathetic towards our good deeds…..often telling, ‘I don’t know what went wrong with him or her,but she/he has changed drastically?’

Yes, lot of permutations and combinations and finally turning into a forgiver and move ahead….but hey!! stop..and look within..No, I am perfectly fine and only the people around me change….

But this time, I had a different and a cruel answer which I found  quite a valid one.

Ain’t it that we are responsible in contributing to the acts of people towards us. Of course we are, fully and completely. The person has an equal sense of understanding, perceptions, mood swings, a soft or a bitter heart as you possess, desire to be loved etc etc. That’s why one chooses the same person in first place to spend time with. Therefore, I don’t find it a valid saying, that a person has changed. And here I talk about some very close ones as such expectations are difficult to be fulfilled with every random person one meets.


But the final mantra …..or a question to self…..

Have ‘I’ snatched away every reason or stance to be approachable or liked?? Maybe the people don’t change, they WITHDRAW for their peace of mind just as you do sometimes… :))

People don’t want much, don’t put barriers of ego and false mood but ——->’Give them THE REASONS to remain just the way they are’ …..and all the answers will fall in place.. :))

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