Smooth Conversations

Do we often have a smooth conversation or end up being victims of a blame game or accusations. Mostly we try to save ourselves under the umbrella, made up of our beliefs, or use it as a shield against the words that seem to us more like pelted stones. Of late, I have realized, this phenomenon of instant reactions in a conversation that gives it a bitter taste.


After I pondered over it, it occurred to me that people do not hear what is being said, but end up listening what they want to. They don’t read a simple line but try to read what their mind has already perceived. This leads to instant reactions, which does two things: starts a loop of reactions or leaves the other person stunned,   forcing him to withdraw in complete silence.  A loop of reactions, which were not required in first place and further misunderstandings,   that can lead to major disaster which is best avoided only if we tend to hear what is being said…that’s it.


Also, condemn people for what they have committed, which is wrong…but forceful tagging can break your dear ones. A smooth conversation is something that we always look forward to. Just let the words fall in a plain manner and weave the stories they are supposed to. You’ll keep people and lovely conversations close to you.

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