A visit to Fair…An array of Emotions…..

I always had a this thirst for excitement…….Nicole Miller.

Visiting a fair is always exciting ,maybe because we prepare ourselves to follow a mysterious trail.This women’s day,my friends gave me a surprise by planning a small trip to fair or which I termed as ‘Urban Fair’. this particular assembly of people under the open sky is popularly known as ‘Soul Sante’ and has reach in different cities.The best part of visiting a fair is to feel our own emotions being triggered while we see the crowd entering and exiting the venues.That itself adds to lot of excitement.Besides the pool of humanity and stacks of products, what mesmerized me was the display and the varied colors that played with my eyes. It somehow acted as a great transforming catalyst to a fantasy world.


An amalgamation of everything bright and colorful, where every visiting person weaves his dream standing in front of those stalls and the age just become numbers.


Spotted these ‘Dreamcatchers’ which never left my sight.Made by hand and decorated with sacred items, that’s when I actually felt, how colors are playing with my mind and offering  to look beyond the seriousness of life.


Bright ,colorful,light..that too featherlite..Yes!! even we look similar.when we let the ‘Ego’ fall off the cliff.


Fall in love with yourself, gifts for the near and dear ones and celebrate the ‘Spring’ and follow the thought….’The soul becomes dyed with the colors of its thoughts.’

IMG_20150313_124448IMG_20150313_124612I guess there’s something in the air of such places especially because everyone shares similar kind of enthusiasm and eagerness which spills over to the fellow passers.


Is it only about the footfall and the people visiting the stalls??, I guess not. It’s equally significant for the people who display their products.A display of products, of course!!, but if you look at them, they have so many thoughts crossing their minds, array of emotions. Above all the love of their products, displayed in a skillful manner.


At the end, the essential purpose is to have a pleasant time and get back all the memories packed safely  to be shared and cherished later in times to come.

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