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An integral element of Interior spaces, upholstery and soft furnishings contributes immensely to the decor of the room. Apart from providing the functional usage, it bestows a certain character to the furniture and overall room.If one plans for renovation on the lower budget, changing fabric proves to be the easiest and chick way to bring in glamour or blend in some serenity. While choosing the above, one needs to be wise enough and visualize the final look beforehand so as to prevent any mistakes in the purchases and at the same time achieving the desired look.


The two elements have their own history and have evolved over centuries.Talking separately, upholstery and soft-furnishings are two different terms. The former deals with the provision of fabric to the furniture as a cover whereas the latter is all about dressing up the windows. As stated above, these two play a vital role in defining the character & is a direct reflection of the owner’s personality and mood in each thread and pattern.


There are a plethora of fabrics available, suiting all budgets and satisfying a wide platter of tastes. The fabric is the most visible part of any furniture and undergoes maximum wear and tear. Thus, it becomes important to keep few important factors like durability, cleanability and the resistance to fading. The fabrics are also classified on the basis of thread counts and the higher the number, better the resistance to wear and tear.


A basic classification of fabrics would be into natural fabrics and synthetic fabrics. Talking about natural, this would include linen, cotton, wool, or cotton blend. Linen is suited best for the adult areas as it has a tendency to wrinkle easily and also it cannot take heavy wear and tear. Leather requires good maintenance and proper care should be taken while cleansing it, preferably a leather soap. Cotton and wool are quite sturdy as well as durable. They offer good resistance to wear and tear and are refined with the help of blending other fibre. Silk is a delicate fabric and should be restricted to specific users with proper care.


Coming to synthetic fabric, they essentially are made up of synthetic fibres. Invented as an alternative to natural fibre, it has evolved manifold and has a wide variety of usage according to the requirement and budgets. They offer a good resistance but at the same time, they do have a tendency to wrinkle or fade away.One of the most important factor while selecting such fabric is its quality. The lower quality is prone to wear, fading and wrinkling. Usually, they are known as imitation fabric and fall into different categories.


Acetate, acrylic, nylon, polyester and rayon are few trending names. Acetate is imitation silk and acrylic is artificial wool. Nylon and polyester are not to be used alone and are to be blended with other fibres to prevent excessive wrinkling. Talking about rayon, one of the finest artificial fibre fabric, can be used anywhere and is quite durable. The high-quality rayon gives good final results.


Appropriate pattern and choice of colour are equally important while one selects the fabric.Also, the kind of light that is received and the type of furniture that has to be covered should make top consideration on your list.Since furniture and fabrics are investments that we do on our comfort part, it is necessary to be watchful for what are we deciding upon. The product stays with us for quite some time and it adds immensely to the aesthetic as well as the comfort value.As I firmly believe, plan in advance to achieve a certain look. Happy shopping and decorating.


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I am Rohini and having trained as an interior stylist, I have been working in this field for a couple of years. I personally advocate an eclectic style for my home which maintains the flavour of being evergreen, nonetheless I am open to all the styles on board along with the creative beauties that I get to see. Travelling is a part and parcel of my life since childhood and I am glad as it helps me to discover new places, sometimes in a remote corner with hidden artists and some exquisite craftsmanship which I not only try to imbibe in my designs but also try to bring the artist in focus. Design and creativity gives me a sense of constant evolution. Penning my thoughts on travel, life, art, interior design and good workmanship, as and when they appear on my canvas. The Pink Lotus is a blog where I write about home styling, travel encounters and life memories or experiences...Welcome aboard!

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