Being in shadow is not being weak..

Often,there’s a feeling of not fitting among people or in a crowd.literally a sense of being invisible creeps in.Maybe,the people around are so caught up in their own stories,that you are being missed..missed by people to be spotted.I guess, it’s here,where we get a wonderful chance to identify with people who are our true compatriot,people who truly complement us.


For nothing else, but the joy of being identified as a source of joy by a few in a lot in itself is a reason to cherish their presence. This does not indicate a sense of  being validated but to cherish those who truly believe in belongingness. If time demands, take a step back, settle for some solitude, for some time with self. It plays a significant role in moulding you, a catalyst in pulling you out of shadows.

“For every dark night, it is followed by a bright and a beautiful morning.”

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