Parts of Gujarat and ahead..

Three years ago, my better dear spouse,was on  an official trip visiting the Grand Rann of Kutch located in the far west of Northern India.He came back with beautiful memories and he often mentioned to be there once with his family.As we had chosen Gujarat as our destination & as we got over with our Dwarkadheesh trip,it was time to move towards his dream and an unexplored region and unheard places for me.


The journey was to be an exciting one , not only because of smooth roads and good connectivity but also as it involved a pair of four wheels riding along the Sea coast..the Arabian Sea. IMG_2435

Also,it was a delight to spot the windmills…many of them.Probably,the highway was laced with a series of them on both the sides.And they stayed with me qll along the way,as a company in an unknown land.IMG_2472

Heading towards the Rann had a beautiful surprise for us.The coastal city of Porbandar.It boasts as the birth place of Gandhi , Sudama (friend of Lord Krishna) and also an old port which now also has a new port.



Seen here is a view of the old port ,the ships have these handsome and colourful flags fluttering on their mast.


Small boats and ships into making can often be spotted on the way near Porbandar and Mandovi near Kutch. Another surprise was the lovely birds.I literally felt as if I am in the middle of a Birds Sanctuary.We had to stop a couple of times to capture them in our memories and lenses.


Alone or in large flocks ,a beautiful sight on a sunny afternoon of winter ,2014.


This part of the journey was somehow very enriching,probably because we got to see a lot of things in a short span in a beautiful weather.By late evening we were hitting Kutch and the excitement was at its epitome.


As mentioned..the Windmills stayed with me in an unknown land.

The name “Rann” comes from the Hindi word ran (रण) meaning “desert”. The Hindi word is derived from Sanskrit word iriṇa (इरिण) mentioned in ancient Hindu scriptures.It is a seasonal salt marsh located in the Thar Dessert in the Kutch.


Unique Mud Art

The next day was full of events,basically visiting all the  nearby tourist spots.The first to be covered was Prag Mahal..the abode of the Kutch Royals followed by the Kala Dungar,the highest point of Kutch.



The flat white dessert can be seen from Kala Dungar.


Colours play an important role in the Kutch lifestyle.Probably,it adds a zest of life in people where till far off one can see only dry dessert.


Love towards animals,seen here is the various adornments for this pet Camel , which also is a source of earning for the men esp in tourist season.


As we descended from Kala Dungar,I spotted a herd of cattle. What caught my eyes were their well curved Horns and it immediately reminded me of the Zebu bull from the Harappan civilization.The cattle from this part of India had a close resemblance to the Bull often seen in the famous motif from that time.



A metal figure illustrating a farmer with his Ox for farming , displayed in the National Museum at New Delhi. 

Finally,we reached Rann of Kutch.The majestic Rann..the flat white dessert.The vastness is bound to engulf you .IMG_2867


A pool of humanity to see the sea of white dried salt.


The evenings are mesmerising in the Rann.Mostly people throng at this part of the day, also, to see the beautiful sunset as the Sun plays with its colored rays on the vast white canvas.


Nearby,the Kutch festival is organised, where temperory tents are placed for the tourists along with a platform for the local artisans to showcase their handicraft work.The place is a delightful visit both for a shopper and  a tourist.

IMG_2940Beautiful memories ….beautiful places…


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