Melting Music..

“Music fills the infinite between two souls”~~Tagore

So one of these wintry nights,I happen to pen down these few words that I would like to share..

She hurried as it poured heavily

The fog made it difficult for her to cross, that  ‘bridge’

Finally She made it

Her feet ached and she knocked the door

She waited on the steps.

It took some time And those moments made her quiver like a child

The door opened and there He was with air of warmth,to embrace her

She walked in to dry herself but ended up standing in front of each other..’He’ dissolving in ‘Her’ eyes

Time froze in the darkness

His lips brushed her cheeks and suddenly he turned around

Picking up his flute,He sat down to play on fresh notes

She danced in all joy

With her dress on, still soaked in rainwater,droplets dripping down from the corners of her skirt

With her hair set loose

His music, washed away all the pains and aches

She melted as he played his last notes

She melted in his arms.

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