“Corners” more than two lines meeting ….

Our homes reflect the persona that we carry and in turn, our personality apprise others about the kind of  spaces we occupy. The space around us speaks volumes and therefore, each and every inch or corner,  should not only be  well done and dressed up but also well occupied and utilized.

Technically speaking, two lines meeting form a corner or maybe three, in case it’s a triangular form. As they say ,”Corners are found everywhere”. A specific corner or a ‘nook’ can be predominant in defining the character of the room, be it our living spaces, offices or open areas (read here as garden spaces for entertaining guests) .
Speaking about corners, usually they go unattended or overfilled. In turn they can emphasize in a strong or a subtle manner to become the focal point of that space.The first and the foremost thing is to determine how much a room can handle (space wise and the utility and approach of that particular corner. Let’s try to find out through few ideas discussed here..

1.Dark corners: Yes,often we come across a room with natural light but there will be a devoid corner or in other words the gloomy portion. Such areas are to be handled carefully by making them well-lit with the use of floor lamps, hanging lamps or table lamps placed at the right height. Corner cabinets or high tables can be positioned to provide utility, like a fine arrangement of books or small potted plants. One crucial point to be taken care of is the dimension of the furniture.It should be suited to the corner.
2.A complete non-functional ‘corner’ can be utilised by stationing a good range of  plants preferably, tall plants.This will not only usher greenery and freshness inside but also add some air purifier elements (read air-purifier as green plants
3. In case a corner has more space, having an option of in-built shelf can make it effective, again with suitable dimensions. You can always decide on making it a complete or a partial storage or a corner packed with books settled with a rocking chair and you enjoying a cuppa of coffee.
4.We often like attending to our guests in gardens or small open spaces. Having a small deck or a counter to serve drinks can just add wonders and utilise the ‘corner’ .If it is a small uncovered area, a temporary bar or  a barbecue station seems suitable or a tile covered gazebos sounds good 
And if you are not left with any option or you just want to leave the corner as it is, splash your wall with colours, fix a pendant light ,place an art work and the corner speaks by itself. Implementing our ideas of decoration and designs should always be done with an Intention.
Love your living spaces, Let your home speak to you.
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