Orange?? Like Pomegranate flower??

Such a vibrant colour orange is. An orange, deliciously sweet that I had in the morning and the rind of it was equally orange and pretty led me looking for pictures with orange as an inspiration.

Orange?? Like Pomegranate flowers?? They are equally a beautiful orange unlike the ruby-red of the fruit that it bears.

Pomegranate flowers from my visit to the hills.


If ever you are not able to decide on a colour palette, look around for an inspiration. The natural colour combinations or the creative ones, any of it could set the ball rolling.


Sasin Tipchai



 Inspirations have no boundaries, it could be anything that a person fancies. Just zero down on how exactly you’re going to use it for your benefit. As an artwork or the overall colour palette or in some decor accessories  Blend new materials with the old ones, provided you couple things with style.

Home Adore

Create a gracious living room where you can relax when the evening gathers in. Adding a dash of orange selectively can bring out the best of the room’s style.

If nothing else then a bunch of fresh flowers or a nice green pot placed exactly where you can look at it. Somehow, artificial ones do not carry the same appeal for me.

Maura Mcevoy
Ice cream colours by Rosi di Ruig. Pic: Rita Konig

 Accessories in modified orange can draw some attention that they deserve. Create your own style.Use materials such as paint, ribbon or fabric to create distinctive effects.

I found this distressed cabinet extremely pleasing with orange flowers painted on it. Properly painted or styled accessory is the key towards accentuating your home.

Pic: The Pink Lotus

Let your home be a reflection of your mood. Stay close to a natural effect and the place becomes more personal.

Add love to your home and happy decorating…. :))

Yvonne Kwakkel



Of Love and Romance

Of Love and Romance

‘In February there is everything to hope for and nothing to regret.’


The month of February has a certain sight to it. One doesn’t need a pair of rosy-pink glasses as for ‘Love’ is present everywhere.. Have you tried romancing a space for your loved one?? I can sense sweet chuckles in the background… but let’s give it a try.

Pic: Maria Teresa Garcia


The approach is very simple to romanticize your den…infuse colors, bring in flowers or speak your emotions through printed upholstery or lovely draperies. However you want to do up your home, sprinkle it with love and it would surely be a welcome change after a long spell of dreary winters.

‘There are always flowers for those who want to see them.’


Pic: Ruby Pareek

What about budget?? Well, You need not require heavy investments for a home that speaks about love. I personally swear by two words, reorganize and refashion. Believe it or not, it works like a secret magic wand that you already possess. Use a throw, change the alignment of chairs or paint a blank wall. Add on some books, light a candle and play some music. Just get creative for February will never disappoint you. Well! All the months are equally romantic or they aren’t but I’ll take my chance to appreciate February and motivate you to romance your home.

Pic: Sumana Chakrawarti


Never shy away from a little indulgence, even in small acts. I find it to be a very convincing act of showing affection and love. Indulge and pay attention to the details.  The way to get started is to quit speaking and start doing. A presentation is not only for the sake of it but it surely is a sign of fondness and the warmth you share with the person or for that matter your beautiful home.


Pic: Sumana Chakrawarti



A subtle expression or a bold one, our surroundings are a true reflection of ourselves. I find it to be an easy route to show some love for the people we share lives with and not to forget the materialistic world… 😉

Pic: Maria Teresa Garcia

All the pictures shared here are from the real homes and I feel so glad that people put in their genuine efforts in making up beautiful homes.

Much love and Happy Decorating… :))

Evolve Outdoors

After weeks of procrastination, today I had to pen down my first for 2018. The motivation…outdoors and breakfast on a beautiful ‘Sunny Morning’. Well laid outdoor spaces never fail to impress and delight the mood. Don’t you agree that outdoors are equally important to enhance the ambience…you do, right??



Outdoors are always a part of first impressions. The final call remains with the details that grants a place to feel and look welcoming. Never wait for the perfect pieces and go on to compile with whatever you have available. Improvising is the key.


Splash out on style..If you are in love with plants then nothing like it. Add a plethora of textures through the lovely plants. Pretty additions are always welcome in coming days but do the best with your present time and thoughts.


Never tire yourself from loving your home. Minimalist or a bohemian look, anything looks good till it helps you to cherish the memories associated with each belonging that you have picked up with so much of thought and love.


The easiest solution to do your outdoors is to spend sometime there. Even if it is absolutely empty for a while. You’ll start knowing the nook and corners of that huge veraandah or the balcony and it’ll take shape as you want it. It’ll grow with you.


Much love and Happy decorating.. and a Happy 2018…. :))

Picture credits: Rohini

Lighthouse Ascend…

At the very outset, I must admit that I always imagined myself penning a blog on Lighthouse. It shaped up during our travels along the coastal belt of South India as my young daughter,, then eight years would be excited on seeing a lighthouse and would capture them in the camera through the windows of our moving vehicle or even a boat.. :)) The joy in her eyes inspired me to write about Lighthouses…. 



Yes! I preserved the pictures for a long time as I was sure that I would compile them together as a photoblog but never imagined that I would be climbing up a lighthouse.


 Kannur, a town in Kerala earlier known as Cannanore, gave me a chance to witness the insides of a lighthouse and a well-kept museum. I won’t go into any technical details but sharing pictures to satisfy the inquisitive mind. Let’s go inside now..


The curved wall near the entry has pictures of various lighthouses along with description painted on them.


First Steps
View from inside…


As I climbed up…
As I looked down….





Night View
Kannur Lighthouse

This was  quite an experience and I was happy to see my daughter climbing up the lighthouse…the lighthouse that has always captured her imagination.

The coming posts talk more about ‘Kannur’ as the place boasts about few historic sites as well. The place has a beautiful drive-in beach that you can visit for a wonderful experience. Till then keep exploring….


Much love and happy holidays…..


Smiling wooden horses…The Palace Museum

“Old places have Soul”

Visiting a museum is an integral part of my itinerary. Of course, the habit has developed over a couple of years but I suppose that the same enriches my visit  tenfold, given the interest in history and design that I have..

Recently,  I got a chance to visit the beautiful ‘Kuthirmalika Palace Museum’ famous for its 122 smiling wooden horses where Kuthirmalika by itself is known as “Palace of Horses”. It’s a beautiful two-storied palace near Shri Padmanabhaswamy Temple in Thiruvananthapuram.


Built by Swathi Thirunal Rama Varma, who was Maharaja of the Kingdom of Travancore in British India, one is transported back to the 1840s when it was first constructed. Wonderful example of the Kerala school of architecture, the palace is constructed from fine teakwood and rosewood. One of the most well-kept interiors, the Palace impressed me and I felt satisfied by the efforts taken by the owners and the govt. to preserve the history in a beautiful manner.


It was a barefoot walk and I must admit that it proved to be very relieving. A trip to another era nestled inside a busy city. The palace is an architectural marvel with its beautiful sloping roofs, overhanging eaves, pillared verandahs and enclosed courtyards.


The courtyard is the venue of  Swathi Sangeethotswam.



Close-up view of the wooden horses.

Behind the top facade is a narrow lobby which has small windows right at the back of the wooden horses which we see from the exteriors. It worked as ‘jharokas’ for women of the palace to look out at the coutyard and nobody from the outside could catch a glimpse of them.. Ah! such was the life in the bygone era..

Floral motifs on the interior of the ceiling above the verandah.
Barefoot walk on these smooth and polished floors had a unique and blissful experience.

I enjoyed the company of a local guide who is in this business for the past thirty years and one thing that keeps her going is the joy of sharing  glorious past of her heritage and  culture with the tourists coming from all sort of backgrounds.


Visiting such sites always fills with me with pride and confirms my belief in seeing a place rather than listening about it a thousand times….

I do hope that my readers get to visit such lovely places to experience and share the history.

‘ Old places have soul’.

Much love and Happy holidays…


Am I a window person ??

Am I window person?? A question I asked myself while browsing my gallery…. Maybe a Yes! An architectural element I am totally in love with and I write this as the sight of beautiful greens with light rains outside seen through my window, inspires me to share their underrated power…power of letting a person weave stories of imagination.

Enter a caption

Ain’t it that window seats have been more favoured than the aisle seats for the very reason that it gives a few couple of hours to just get lost in our own world.

Feel the era while looking out through windows from past.. Mandavi Palace, Gujarat

Windows have their own magic…curtains or no curtains, a window is what I look for when I need to contemplate. Standing next to it can energise me instantly especially when I am stuck inside an enclosed space..Well, windows have the quality of being beautiful inside out… Don’t they?

Breakfast at Pepper House, Kochi

A house without windows is quite unimaginable and they connect me to the core of a building just like how our eyes work, window to our soul.

National Gallery of Modern Arts, Bangalore.

A window comforts me with the understanding that there is a whole new world out there which might suit me or not but I can explore it whenever I wish to..

Buzzing at Pune

‘I find the brightness of the outdoors through large rectangle panels’. ~~ Alexandra  Kleeman

Explosion of History at Summer Palace of Tipu Sultan
Decked up..

This one was a delight to watch as well as click. Captured it at a flower show and it literally transported me to a land of fantasy… :)) I hope I have justified the windows hidden in my picture my gallery. I’ll not end this story here and let it enjoy an open ending so to share more  beautiful architectural elements..


Thanjavur Palace
Love from FInland


Sabarmati Ashram
Window enhancing the character of the wall..
And then I discovered the windows…

Much love..happy decorating and happy discovering. :))


Pictures credits : Rohini.

The key to style your home..


With festivals done for the year, I am enjoying this pleasant November morning with a nip in the air indicating me that I should be ready to welcome the winters. Though, in my part of the world, the winters are not harsh and cold but it does allow me to enjoy the warmth of light shawls and joy of holding a hot cup of coffee to keep the chill off. Also, the coming months would definitely see a change in the way our homes look for a lot of warm colours adorn the space along with cosy beds and sofas to enjoy those winter conversations. I remember how winters were a great way to roll down more carpets and namdas in our home back in my childhood.

Flower power


Today my point of emphasis is how to style your homes the way you wish to. Often, we get into comparison modes but no two homes are ever the same. We all have different perceptions and a unique way to put things together. A very basic fact has to be understood in totality that our past associations and love of different art forms plays an important role in deciding what goes in our homes. This compels me to appreciate design ideas coming from all sort of backgrounds.


Home decorating should be like a blissful time, a time that is enjoyed to its fullest while transforming the concrete walls into a peaceful abode. This activity could be repeated whenever one desires to as home decoration never has a full stop.


To be inspired by someone else’s design perceptions or to follow someone whom you admire is of no harm. But the interest develops when we bring our own design to work and make them more active. I personally believe that this helps in final results being more genuine and close to personalities.img_20161015_114708.jpg

Mostly, all the design ideas have been applied earlier and the present is a simple derivative of the past. This often becomes a point where it’s a quick decision to either follow the trail in the same and exact manner or to take the next step towards a path incorporating new ideas. I would surely recommend the latter as copying ideas is a sheer waste of your own potential.

Digital moodboard or simple pin-up boards are your easy rescue to start with. Do have your ideas placed together so you can decide on further steps to be taken. Let it be a simple juxtaposition of your favourite pictures of nature or the beautiful architecture you came across. Simple things around you can lead to inspiration ranging from deciding on your colour palette to a certain curve on the furniture piece…This step helps to pull together a room of your liking and for that matter outdoor spaces are of equal significance.




One thing that I wanted to share with my readers is to understand the importance of developing your own style. Never let self-potential to be ignored and go for a waste. Style!..It’s applicable in all the areas of our lives and its relevance in the spaces that we occupy can surely be not ignored…

#finditstyleit. A Hashtag I love for social media posts… :). Develop your own style..


Much love and Happy decorating…. :))

Let’s make home design simple….3


It’s nearly five months since I last penned down my thoughts on keeping home decor simple and today I add a dash of purity to it. I have inherited my decor sensibilities from my mother who is essentially an artist and excels in all the mediums and fields she picked up by her choice. Her constant endeavour to involve me to do little floral arrangements, making sure that the house looked welcoming at all times and not only when guests arrived, instilled a sense of adding personal touch with minimalism at best. One thing that I have carried from my yesteryear experiences is the knack for delicacy and beauty.





















Decorating home should involve a lot of fun and one of the mantras that I follow is to keep it simple and pure. Fewer the elements easier to work.  Collectibles often get lost in the crowd that we generally tend to create. Well-kept spaces with thoughtful placements often help to avoid the above. Carefully curated pieces lead to effortless grace seen in a room.

Image credit : Country Living Magazine

To achieve the same, one can concentrate on few major accessories being displayed as a single collection. It will be nice to avoid sharp contrasts in the elements involved at the same time not ignoring the finish and colour of your woodwork.

Ornamental carving adds up to the design quotient but one can avoid such details if a minimalist look is the target. Also, furniture with straight lines bring in flexibility and help in playing with other accessories.




















Simplicity doesn’t mean that we ignore the details. That’s the charm of such layouts. A great deal of effort is concealed behind them. Similar fabrics and textures bring in continuity helping a great deal in arranging. Re-position the furniture, use pieces that are compatible to each other and don’t follow a certain price tag. Decor could be an effort to showcase a smooth blend of styles accommodating different price tags…  :)) Let the home speak about you.

Much love and happy decorating… :))


Old things and charm..

I just happened to see a notification from WordPress congratulating me of my 3 years completion on this platform and I must say that like other social mediums this one has been a pleasure. It led me to discover another side of mine and the best part being able to express freely without really expecting any kind of returns. I have tried to write on topics of design and travel and few life inspired experiences and hope to see more of myself here on Pinklotusblooms … :))

Today while browsing gallery of my phone, I came across few pictures taken very randomly from places that are equally random. A delight to see them over and again as if they have concealed a certain story behind the mask of prettiness and play of colours.


This mud house spotted at an elevation was a must capture as a lady was busy inspecting bunches of grass hung to dry and cattle moving around, this moment reminded me of the basic instinct of survival that we humans carry since ages. Nothing fancy nor any thing glamorous but basics. In fact , basic living is my theme for coming year…say years :))


Display at its best. Inspires me to develop an affinity towards adding more flavour to my life through meeting variety of people…it sounds good too.


Even if temporary, bridges tend to fill gaps and staircases lead to heaven…


What emotions do to us at different times of a day or maybe over a couple of days is summed up well in this one picture…


Riot of colours..


Old things and old charm…


No flavours without spices…no life without experiences and believe me I do come across people who have a bland perception of life. There exist a series of spices other than my favorite and I better remember that..


Wooden boxes can have an essay written by me for the kind of character they add up to my house and to my personality. Boxed and stacked but I would prefer them to store loads of love and compassion within them.

That’s it for my third anniversary post. Feels good to look back and feels even better towards my future at WordPress.

Much love and light… 🙂

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